Attracting & retaining talent through film" alt="">

Attracting & retaining talent through film


Attracting & retaining talent through film

Why joining the video revolution and empowering staff to tell their story on camera will help your recruitment.

Did you know that 57% of all consumer internet traffic in 2015 was video? It’s a staggering statistic from a global internet study by CISCO, which also suggests video streaming will account for 80% of all online consumption by 2019.

So what’s this got to do with recruitment? Well it’s going to have a huge impact on every business process that uses the internet, including searching for and hiring new staff.

In many of today’s job markets we are short on highly skilled people, so identifying those with the perfect blend of talent, experience and attitude can sometimes take longer than we’d hope.

The best people are often happy working elsewhere, but being in demand and ambitious, they may still be interested to hear about the opportunities that are available.

If top talent does decide to move in a candidate-led market, it means they do so with strong bargaining power and the flexibility and confidence to do their research and, if they don’t like what they see, simply move on to something else.

As a business leader your time is precious too and, if you don’t know the market inside and out, I’m afraid you’re going to have to be prepared to invest an awful lot of it in meeting a large number of people before you find and recruit the right ones. But what if there was another way? What if video could help you to enhance your recruitment process and make it easier to attract and retain the best talent?

Video usage is increasing quickly in recruitment because of its relatively low cost and high impact potential. They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so just think what a good video must be worth!

More eye-catching and engaging, a lot of cutting-edge organisations are already discovering just how powerful video recommendations from their own staff can be at conveying the excitement and passion of a workplace.

Deloitte started the trend back in 2008 when they launched the ‘Deloitte Film Festival’. By offering employees the chance to shoot short videos that shared their experience at the company, they not only empowered staff by giving them the chance to have a direct impact on how the organisation was portrayed to the outside world, but they also managed to boost team spirit and inject some fun and extra morale across the business; resulting in more than 2,000 people creating videos and becoming positive long-term advocates.

More recently, Heineken has turned to its own staff to promote the company as a great place to work to potential new recruits. Their ‘Faces of Heineken’ campaign has only just launched, with the aim of showcasing real employees working across the many business areas within the company. 32 people have been selected to share an authentic and positive story about their career with the brewer, demonstrating the breadth of opportunity available, as well as the true culture of the business.

Heineken are also embracing video interviews throughout their recruitment process to allow more candidates to speak directly with them. The use of Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime all have the potential to reduce pressures on travel and time for initial interviews, as well as to open up wider geographic talent pools.

While it’s difficult to imagine the face-to-face interview ever disappearing for good, given the predicted rise in online video content and an ever shifting workforce demographic that is more and more comfortable using this method of communication, we are likely to continue seeing an increase in video use in the coming years.

By taking the time now to integrate video into your recruitment strategy, you will not only begin to streamline and simplify the process for both you and potential recruits, but also help your organisation to attract and retain the best possible people who are magnetised toward ambitious and forward thinking organisations.


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